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Pockets - Wherever I Go lyrics


So in reality we've got time
Ya dig?

[Verse 1: Pockets]

Who's the hunter when
Its your n***as down-in streets like the number 10?
I need a Big Benz cos theres snakes in the ends
And I'm clocking them
In or out of town my London Eye watching them
b**hes onto the kid like they want me to nut in them
I'll see where it Leads cos I'm in Wolves with a bunch of them
They say what I'm writings enlightening
Stunning them
These are just thoughts from my thunder pen
I'm known to pot the black -
Pool games with the flat -
Out in Leicester
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An 8th in my tracks
And blade if i take my creps off
Before you were Luton I was already messed up
My livers pool
Like a liver full of hennessey you would of ridiculed
We Ignore whichever hater try to address us
Like what you on my friend?
You'll get rocked in a way you can't comprehend
Like Stonehenge and die in vein like a syringe
And this weed like the yang to my ying
Your girl smoke
I might a**ist her like my next of kin
I'm here to leave my prints as a king
From a prince to a king
But I'm more like the grinch
And nothing like Prince
You n***as need to let me live...

Coz wherever I go its the same old
They say its life and suppose its the way it goes...

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