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P'ocean - TV Timeout (Nemo) lyrics

[HOOK: Schwoogi n Jerry Shinefeld]
Now break your arm and pull it up [3x]
This the type of sh** that make a n***a do the Nemo!

[VERSE 1: Schwoogi]
I was a part of the omen, pardon my ocean
A bunch of disfigured fishes sinking in motion
Im such a marlin with Marvin the martians
Get to swimming through your function like a k**er Orca, I'm unorthodox

Still maneuver smooth like churned butter
This for n***as watching my every move and they learn something
Switch it up, do the no comply, stop shifting
Break your arm, pull that b**h up and start flexing

Scott Steiner style, coke lining
Line dancing in rare form the human Phantom
Came with a bunch of Steeze Mobbers, they all look like robbers
Sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger get to the chopper!

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[VERSE 2: P']
Yea this the type of sh** that make P' turn the sway on
Wavy like swimming with 1000$ jays on
Chops like Jason, I pitch like Aa-ron
Rep Craig n Clayton, I roll up the A-bomb

Man how they talk, dawg they broke all day long
His b**h look like Tayshaun, my ex, more Tay Swift
A girl with the pretty face, gave it like Avon
I rode slow, she dropped her nose when that Ye' on

I let 'Late' play up, uh
Smooth as Malone with the layups yea
It smell like Ma's in the kitchen when Im cookin
RIP 2Pac I hit the 'Get Around' when I'm joogin, aye

Yea this the type of sh** that make ya mama wanna trap something
Yea this the type of sh** that make ya mama wanna slap something

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