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P'ocean - Gucci Row lyrics

*Radio calls about UNLV's upcoming game and Larry Johnson*

[HOOK: Splash Simmons]
Im chillin with my n***as, we plottin figures on Gucci Row
They see these Raf Simmons, Im chillin with bad b**hes on Gucci Row
From the nosebleeds moving dope got us sippin on Gucci Row
Close enough to start, setting plays up for Tark on Gucci Row

[VERSE 1: Ritch]
Im 23 with the fade, gold chains, hoes Im running thru
Im Jordan, Barry, yea the best to do it
Im schoolin they looking truant
On stage Im like who let you in
All this drive Im sweatin coolant
All them snakes be lyin who let the zoo in, they shootin

Don't mind me, I call that sh** how I see
Im just moving these keys, dope audio c**aine beats
Fresh off the boat you can't seize
Me and my n***a P'ocean pulling up in two 6's, callin that sh** Yasiel Puig, please

Make it home safe, these rhymes should go in a safe when I write em
Recite em, the studio session just awaits for me to light em
Take a puff (take that, take that) and blow em right in your face
Bad Boy, I shine, and with these words I play

From the Veg to Queens, I fill the stadium up like Shea
Thats where the Mets play, young Strawberry back in the day
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Making these hits, moving this dope, whats really left for me to say
Its all about gettin paid, free Max B we on this wave, get rich

[HOOK: Splash Simmons]

[VERSE 2: P']
From a block away they hear me skate the wavement
Its off white if I paint it
They say Im far from rich, 20 bands what Im playin with
A Model queen Im laying with, loyalty she brought to me
But she know me all too well, that profit who Im staying with

I hold a golden ticket, Spanish thighs coming with it
Use the keys to the town to serve my side, feed the city
Choppin game, over filet watching Philly lead by two scores
I pull apart a forest rolling 3, pulling 2 more

Dawg, hell is hot, and life cold blooded
Im thinking Rick James, rings, chains, nose flooded
Best guard your name, clean it thorough if these hoes touch it
She better off pressing abs with her nose is she know nothing

I heard real worth a fountain of gold running
So I know that my momma hate me that these hoes love me
They see I can flip the bars into European cars
While Im shooting for the sky and Im smoking with my stars, its P'ocean

[Radio calls about UNLV moving onto the next round]

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