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P'ocean - Got Us Here lyrics

All the blood, all the sweat, all the tears
All the fears, all the cheers, yea it got us here
All the time, all the months, all the years
All the kush, all the clear, yea it got us here

[VERSE 1: P']
Hard work n dedication
Wise words with white widow n meditation
Came in the game off my own initiation
I Showed out n got paid appreciations

Born into an Uptown afflilation
So my choice of liquor, 32 from the station
2 blunt sedation, thinking back of the days getting paid
Flipping memory cards off my playstation

Memory lanin, couple things changing
Less games to play, more money on the brain
Some stay same I still don't need the fame
I still murder ya scene n fully take all the blame

See how I dumb it down for you
I ain't brick talkin but I'll break it down for you
Dreamin one day I can raise the town for you
Steal the crown for you
Vegas my city, I hold it down for you its P'
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Coach been gripping, holding, he been on his sh**
They looked him down, now tryna be up on his list, why
Cuz she stay on his hip, she bad as all of his flips
She got her own set of chips talking bout kissing the tip

Nah thats my cup full of venom Im bout to roll me a serpent
Oh my latest Italian, oh she damn near perfect
That broad crazy as sh**, but the head damn near worth it
She knew her purpose and copped me the pairs I ain't never seen in person

Swear Im ghost if it ain't profit
Im gone in a puff of yellow, never broke I never settle
Heavy 7s on the pedal, 12s jumping if I'm skating
To my face is when they love me, to my b**h is when they hating, damn

Wish I could hear y'all but the loud in the air
100 I keep it, 250$ my smoke, 1000$ my pair, sh**
I remember stressing hella when the 1st came
Now 3 bank tellers know me by my first name

[Jerry Tarkanian Hall of Fame induction plays]

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