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P'ocean - GettinIt (Prod. by T R@bb) lyrics

*Radio calls from Marvin Harrison and Peyton Manning

[Verse 1: p'ocean]
Uhh, straight out the tunnel
When I go it's like Manning to Harrison
Rabb threw the bomb I one handed it, back of the end zone front all the cameras
Thinkin "sh*t oh they thought they could handle us? Nahh"
Now they all watchin' me doin' my money dance while I'm throwin' all my banners up, yea
Top of the nation ho call me Canada

Flow smoother than cocoa butter
Smoke from the jar while I flip another
Two spliffs and my b*tch kiss each other makin' all of my dollars go flip each other
And as long as he loyal I pay my brother
And pray he ain't cuttin' me undercover, stay about the money disregard the color
While I'm whippin' the wheel, the steel up under yea, Pistol formation

Told lil' homie be patient, cuz we gon' be crackin' that Mile High with the skyline at my eye level daily
B*tch from the 80's tryna dip me in the latest, Range Ro outside got her name on it, uhh
And wipin' me down'll get her famous, cuz everything I'm on got flames on it
RIP, all black, Bruce Wayne on a ho
With lungs full of gas, a flow full of blow
A mind full of money, a stack for the show
With hella records and women that you already knew about, uhh

Uhh, I'm Gettin' It
Stay out my way I'm Gettin' It
F*ck what y'all say I'm Gettin' It
Yea I'm straight 'bout my pay I'm Gettin' It
Sheeeiit, I'm Gettin' It
Time never waits I'm Gettin' It
Nah time never late I'm Gettin' It
Yea I'm eatin' today I'm Gettin' It

[Verse 2: p'ocean]
Uhh, ayo when I go it's like Manning to Marvin for 6
But my line from the 7, 3's from the 90s, tree from yo' b*tch
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That cup of the rum from off of the ship
In attire from over the seases
Fools get struck over blue cheeses
Souls get split in two pieces, damn

I'm pushin' till Ma got the Panamera
Lines hittin' brains and make panoramas
Seen the whole thing if I pan the camera
Find me chasing the bucks, far from Tampa

While I pull a flip, like a tech deck
She in love but, we ain't met yet, nahh
Tongue on her thighs was the next step
So I sip pinky out like the Jet Set

Yea I'm getting a taste of two races
Same dope bringing new faces
New hoes play the same games, work the same lanes, but they change names
While I'm record smashin', heavy smoker
Slick talker, rarely sober
Silent Money, loud odor dawg I hang up careers like movie posters

While I'm lightin' a plane of the personal
Pimpin' the game with no Cadillac and
My flow been way out the gym I'm flexin' the range like Pierre Jackson, uhh

*Background plays radio calls from Pierre Jackson's 58 point record setting game*

Man you know when I get my jersey on, I get my James Worthy on, you feel me
In the first half putting 30 on, you feel me?
I'm Gettin' It
Time never waits I'm Gettin' It
Nah time never late I'm Gettin' It
Yea I'm eatin' today..

LV whaddup
Move smart, play dumb..

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