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P'ocean - Cool lyrics

(Jerry Intro plays)

We gon remember we gon take em back
Some 1st round sh**..

Live from the 702nd
Where Pac turned to Ricky, where dreams turn to Stardust
They heard I'm from the north I just do what the star does
These women all addicted, to lights white Starbucks

Pick your poison, Im pickin pot apart
Stackin for that autobot, cool on that Audemars
Kick closet looking like huh, valley auto mall
But dawg, 1% got all this money b we gotta ball

Stussy forever, won't catch me near that Prada wall
Less they sellin rolling trays, raw cones and lace locks
That 1st of the day, hold it in till my face drop
And on my grandmother grave, prolly dead if the pay stop, sh**

Thats quite the promise to keep
But never seein my bottom line not a problem to me
My focus on max, I'm dipped, I fix a g in ogs
Only time I rock the newest some lady got em for the kid

I broke hearts, necks, nothin too serious
Workin towards crowds like Eddie in Delirous
Racing thru women, fast and furious
She heard I was a dog why the cat so curious

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[HOOK (2x)]
Cuz I'm cool, calm, collected
With a Ben Frank collection
Rare leather when I step in
And only real in my section

*Radio calls of a made UNLV basket with Coach P' directing plays from the sideline*

Went from a player to coachin, crumbs on my clipboard
Put my players in position the reason I flip for
Other side we flip off n side bet the tipoff
We win n stack till we can do the Raris with the tit job

OGs on the hardwood, out the ounce I pick off
They tryna block the shine, steal the show, watch me spin off
They think they smokin like us nah they bout a half short
I pull it and pa** it to my Italian chillin at halfcourt

Gin in my Gatorade, sippin too much they tellin me
Torchin up got a technical blowin clouds at the referee
Ight I'll chill, sh** we up damn near 33
Baby in the stands lurkin, bet I'm cuttin like surgery

Murder scene, how Im treatin that scoreboard
They storm the floor, but I post up just to pour more
In my Tour 4s, we rollin like Ford Taurus
Got the Juice, Glow, porridge in my future straight Grants, no Horace? Why..

[HOOK (2x)]

(Coach P' radio calls)

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