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P'ocean - Clockwerk lyrics

*Radio calls of 2nd Round matchup of UNLV and Ohio State*

Im moving like clockwork
Yea my team moving like clockwork
Now the scene moving like clockwork
Stuck in a race to see who reach the top first, damn

Yea Im movin like clockwork life on the clock gave my 4 door a workout..
Yea P'Ocean been workin that's the word out, my homies threw me to the side once they seen my worth out..
Now Im countin like clockwork, 4850$, 24 seconds a stack full of blessings I work till the moon gone while babygirl in the sundress undressin

More than unstressin me
She topped me n told me bout my rise no luck this was destiny
P got the recipe
I'm cookin, whipping, baking this fly sh** my specialty

Vintage especially
Jersey names from the 90s n gold Ye frames like the 70s
La familia, yea long live my legacy
These vampire hoes tryna s** in my energy

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Cold game when ya homie turn enemy
All this time lookin forward toward the end of me
Before I let a backstab enter me
All that fake sh** gettin cut like calories

Swear my hustle turned half my guys to Mallorys
Couple b**hes b**hin on minimum salarys
But I focused, stacked, made my closet a gallery
My wallet a cemetery, my jar a Ben n Jerry's

Two to the face till I'm dead n buried
Just pray I can smoke down heaven's berries
Just pray I can roll up Heaven's cherries
And for a hater, my future look hella scary, why?

Cuz I'm countin clockwork
Never was a need for the block work
I just figured out how the stocks work
N till they change some'n middle finger where the cops work
It's coach

[Coach P' Outro]

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