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PnB Rock - Alaska lyrics

Oh Yeah , Yea
Aye Free my nigga Kodak
All thee niggas man they so wack
I don't listen to they music
I'm the realist and they know that

[Verse :1]
It get colder then Alaska
I hate all these rappers
These niggas be actors they ain't never been no trappers
I was really in the streets , I was really in the field
I was really sellin' work , I was really sellin pills
Who would of believed I would ever get a deal
Man I still can't believe that my brother got killed
Now it's fuck niggas , I don't trust niggas
Get the drop then I'm pullin up nigga
Hop out then I'm walking up nigga
No rap ima let it bust nigga
Clear the scene then I fade off
Spent like 2 weeks off the radar sendin' to the graveyard
I remember sellin' 8 balls
Now it's just music I'm makin'
All of these hunnits I'm chasin
I won't fuck her if she basic
These niggas hate that I made it
These niggas know they don't want
Come to my city I run it
I be really in the trenches no security or nutin
Take his chain just for stuntin'
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Pussy nigga get the runnin'
The only way to get it back i need a bag full of hunits
You don't got it then don't call
I don't fuck with niggas all these niggas frauds
Ima real nigga pullin niggas cards
Still wit my glistol I can't take a loss
Yea I'm way cooler then y'all
I don't fuck wit these frauds
Fuckin bitches in my draws
NO I'm not takin these off
Come through I'm drippin in sauce
Ya bitch on my dick and my balls
I just bought a new car
Watch how I skrrt off
I just bought a new loft
Just to chill wit my dawgs
Only been there 2 days
Already pissed the neighbors off
They was bangin on the wall
We was bout to set it off
Mont came and said "naw"
They lucky that he got involved
Cause we just a bunch of young dumb niggas
We don't give a fuck we just drug dealers
Now we makin money off of music
Errday im tryin not to lose it
Chasin and countin these bands
If she 18 I'm fuckin my fan
Real niggas [????]
Tryna pull up a new lamb skkkkrt

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