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PnB Meen - I'm Ready (Freestyle) lyrics

PnB Meen man
They ain't hear my side of the story
I'm just tryna live
But hear me out tho

[Verse 1: PnB Meen]

Rock said my city need something
He told me put them guns down no more ducking
I was always told everybody use to tell me
If you come from Philly you would never be nothing
And I never listened I never listened to my mother and my brother no they wasn't trippin'
Use to think about it all when I was in the kitchen
How i put my life in danger when I'm out there [?]
So I had to put them guns down
I ain't never gotta run now
Had to do 5 years in the can it was dark for me now I see the sun down
My brother got me making songs now on some different sh**
Ain't nobody tell me do it no they didn't give a sh**
Use to see that life on TV now a n***a living it
I remember I was broke now a n***a getting
Now I'm getting it
I heard my block going though it on some bullsh**
But with each other man them n***as on some bullsh**
I guess they lost love, it should be all love
We gotta stick together we already lost much
I swear to god I'ma do it for my city
And my team too I wanna bring them with me
And take them out the hood
I wanna get Hollywood. Forget the ones who let me [?] yeah I probably would
I probably would
But why them n***as change on me?
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Why them n***as change on me?
I really don't know, said my city need something well this it [?]

See look tho
Y'all wasn't there for them raining days and all that yah' saying
When me and bro and all that yah' mean
When sh** was dark yah' mean
He was the only one there for me and all that and vice versa yah' mean
b**hes wasn't around when we couldn't write cursive yah'mean
But listen tho, I'm not gonna do too much [?] yah' mean, im about to just go right in yah' mean

[Verse 2: PnB Meen]

I remember
Rock rolled over and said
"Meen my stomach growling"
I let him my last even when my sh** howling
For another bite I'ma starve another night
Just so that my brother could be cool it was only right
He was with me rocking through the storm, talking frostbite, snowy days, and up in the cribs it was hard nights
We ain't have no heat we was sleeping close, breathing on each other how a candle gonna heat us both
And [?] i could see it she was hurt the most cause her brother died, he the one that kept the family close
But he was in them streets with them lions, where n***as play for keeps he caught a [?] from the [?]
I cop many night, I fought many fights
Did 5 years upstate wrote many kites
And my picture had many lights
I can't tell cause n***as ain't respond to my many kites
Yeah my picture had many lights I can't tell cause n***as ain't respond to my many kites

To all my n***as in the field
Whoever cried cause they man died or got will
Just to try cope with the pain we pop pills, sip liquor, blow L's, yeah I know how it feels
Cause pudgie got k**ed and and veno got will
They offered them a deal now he fighting for pills off a homicide
Now his mama cry cause these crackers ain't playing fair, they rather see a...

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