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PMG - Triumvirate lyrics

Build on solid ground - ground
Any other than it's not solid as the granite rock
Will fall to the ground - ground
If it's planted in the sand it fails damaged by the wind
Build on solid ground - ground
A trilithon of 3 stones frequencies and earth tones
Feel channel this sound - sound
Come out and show your reverence in numbers for the triumvirate

[Verse 1: Myka 9]
I want to lift
These MCs are like the breeze
That flows above the petty thieves
That's beneath Ab Acey and me
We've come with gifts
As geez that have integrity we balance the inequity
Stay free from souls iniquity
I once wasn't
Akin to those who blow with ease
The poetry takes hold of me
I know the three of us agree
We're running this
Appeasing peoples' energy
And pleasing sensitivities that we believe is remedy
It's fun to hit
With entities that have degrees of talent
That exceeds the greed of some 'dem in the industry
You're bumping with
We who free their memories of malice for an enemy
The challenge is to live in peace
Our function is
To be a source of harmony
Increase the trees of families release the true anatomy
No wonder it's
The Project Blowed academy that's underground and battling
We're simply overshadowing


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[Verse 2: Abstract Rude]
Crowding in by thousands just so they can hear
And show their reverence
We're proud of your support and yeah of course
We love to see you represent
People seem to rally 'round you
When you set a stylin' precedent
To do away with jealousy and prejudice
Was all we ever meant
Been at every level know it in & out & top to bottom
If they'll divide and conquer
Gotta weed 'em out the operation
No time for cooperating
We laying a copper and lead granite rock bed foundation
Reinforced with steel we never lost the feel
Ezekiel saw the wheel for water we made a windmill
The unexplainable phenomenon magnificent
Mike 9 the Wolverine and Scorpion triumvirate


[Verse 3: Aceyalone]
Nuclear holocaust will be the last phase
You get the Holy Ghost and roller coast your last days
Bomb the territory and conquer the land ma**
Taking any and everything that a man has
Stand firm stand tall man's law
Steadfast head blast man falls
Eager to get to war, eager to get some more
My eagle eye at the door will open up your pores
Revolutionary, deconstructing Harry
It said you went out like a b**h on your obituary
Fatality out of touch with reality
Undoubtedly from another galaxy
Born the storm of the triad reformed
Triceratops who chops the heads off the norm
The great Haiku the I & the you
The reason why my feet are rooted
Every person gotta do it


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