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PMG - Let The Record lyrics

Yeah.. (woof)
Yeah.. (woof)

[Hook: Bizarre]
I'm ripped, I'm on a acid trip
My DJ's in a coma for lettin' the record skip
(slowed down) Lettin' the record skip
(speeded up) Lettin' the record skip
(distorted) Lettin' the record skip

[VERSE 1: Bizarre]
Wow.. sh**.. son of a b**h
Say sh** three times in a row like I don't give a sh** (b**h, b**h!)
God dammit.. son of an a**
Ladies and gentlemen, Bizarre's a dumb-a** (hehehe)
Sayin' cusswords like Too $hort
Eatin' pork of all sorts in the middle of New York
Beatin' my meat, watchin' Sesame Street
f** the sheet, I'll bust on my little niece
She's so sweet, a six-year-old freak
Want me to bust right between her a** cheeks
You ever met a guy with Cancer who refused Chemo?
Callin' the doctor a hobo and doin a two-week promo
That's me, a f**in' G
I'll probably be dead by the end of this CD
And VD, I probably caught it
Crack in your neighborhood? I probably brought it..

[Hook] x2

[VERSE 2: Young Miles]
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When this Hennessy get into me
Man, I talk sh** until I lose my mind like Kennedy
The bottom line: I ain't feelin' yo a**
So when the pump's in your car, it ain't to fill it with gas
n***a, it's Young Miles, I'm the boss of the crime
You don't know another n***a that's as hard as I
I clap a n***a in his ride, then I toss the nine
I'm at your wake with a bomb, now your coffin flyin' {explosion}
Tryna say I ain't the best of this reppin'
Man, you got it f**ed up like s** in heaven
And I can gun you down, I don't f** around
I'll have you sleepin' up underground (that's right)
So when your boy lend a man a pipe
b**h n***as better run like they scared for they life
And when I pop the thing
Even the n***as in the crowd catch shots like a hockey game

[Hook] x2

[VERSE 3: Bizarre]
I'm a grown a** man that's an obsessed Usher fan
I wanna rub his back and put on his headband
Me and Fleece, still workin at Wendy's
Sniffin dope, with my girlfriend Kimmy
f** a cup, I'll piss in your butt
Tell my grandfather to shut the f** up, while I piss in his butt
Can't be around kids, my brain will splatter
I ain't readin books, I'm pullin' on Pampers
Cause I don't give a sh**, f**in' a b**h, 86
"He just told you he don't give a sh**"
Grandmother 86, my grandfather would nut in his butt
I'm a goddamn nut!

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