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PMG - 100 lyrics

It's a problem with all of these n***as and all of these b**hes
I put 'em in ditches
Ridin' on 24 inches
My b**h is so bad and she tell me her wishes
I'm sweatin', i just left the kitchen
Trunk full of dirty a** dishes
Remember the days movin' the dope
Chances i took for the riches
Streets done took my n***a [?]
Hope a k**er get took that's on god
KPE, that my squad
All we know is win, never took a lost
Never been the type to put my hands together and try to pray
Turn them bricks to birds
Put wings on 'em
Watch 'em fly away
On my DJ Holiday
Swerve Ds to the Js on a holiday
Watch 'em boost the economy with quality, my policy
My momma so proud of me
Truth is never doubted me
Real n***as surrounding me
Won't never take the hood out of me

My only problem is i keep it 100
My only problem is i keep it 100
Got a problem, ya i keep it on me
We all eatin' but we still hungry

You ain't ridin' with the brick n***a
You ain't ridin' with the stick n***a
You ain't tryin' to get rich n***a
You ain't nothin' but a b**h n***a

[Yonka Boi]
I'm too honest
Some say i'm an a**hole
All i cares 'bout me, myself, and my cash flow
All i do is smoke piff
And i thrash hoes
Droppin' bars for these n***as
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Think i won't spazz though
Raised in these back streets
Run the trap, no athletes
Got k**ers in my back seat
Lock and loaded to clap heat
We ain't hard to find
We in a hood near you
Don't believe us
Think about it, what you listening to
n***as talk like you the best
But all you missin' is proof
Blood gang with me n***a
They don't miss when they shoot
It's 2015 and i would call it a takeover
But we been runnin' this sh**
I guess the breaks over


[Pablo Escabear]
b**hes f**in' and s**in'
They say they like how i'm thuggin'
I beat it up like percussion
Thuggin' all out in public
n***as beefin' for fame
My youngin's k**in' for nothin'
Now that my pockets got chunky
Can't keep these groupies up off me
n***as know that i'm 'bout it
Pull up and catch me a body
I keep 'em O's but no Audi
I keep 'em keys like a locket
I ain't robbin' for profit
I'm the plug and the socket
Got Gucci, Fendi, and Prada
Herion, reefer, and powder
One respect in the power
Nothin' else really matter
I put the molly in capsules
And hollow tips in my rifles
Uzi sound like a rattle
Movin' slow on the ladder
All i know is to add up


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