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P'LIL BIT - MK#1 lyrics

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I have never gotten stuck. Yes, I’m zooted rn, but I’ve been flipping through pages for hours searching for you. I wasn’t going to stop until I found you because I was determined. I’m not a weak b**h or a cheap hoe. The last few times I seen you I looked like my ceiling was missing. I was a chatter box for hours trying to tell you everything that has happened over time. I couldn’t stop I just wanted to tell you everything. So I’m done with that because I’m always wasting my breath. I make everybody think I’m crazy so they will stay tf away from me. I hate people. We used to chill on a daily. I never just ran my mouth nonstop. Yeah I was always in my feelings but I had a bunch of growing up to do at that time. I’m not even mad at you now. But I have been looking for love for so long because I’m an amazing person and I know I deserve a king. I’m frustrated with myself. I keep wasting my time because I put my ALL into people, and hurt myself knowing there’s never gonna be someone in this generation to give me love or loyalty. I can be loyal to someone and give them loyalty til the day I die but I’ll never get it in return. Not from a companion anyways. I should just give you my keys and let you run off with em. Idgaf about the game. f** the money and diamonds too. You can keep it all. I’m going to continue on this long search for someone to match my love&loyalty. That’s the only thing I ask for in life. I’m out.

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