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Playa - Push lyrics

The one I dream of in the middle of the night
Is the same one I tlak about
She really can work it right
It's you I speak of lady
You keep me going and all I'm tryin' to say

I like it when you PUSH slowly
I done got caught up out there thinkin' 'bout you s**ually
It's al about you PUSH
It's the way you make me feel girl
(it's all in my head)
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And sometimes we don't even go nowhere
(We just stay in bed)
And all the special times we shared
(They can't be compared)
And I can't get you out of my mind

(Work it baby,work it baby)
Everything that i want, everything that I need you provide
Girl I like the way you walk and the way you talk
(Work it baby, work it baby)
Everything that I want , everything that I need you provide I like

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