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Playa - My Life lyrics

[Verse 1: Rocko]
Believe the sh** that I saw
Woke up everyday, wanted more
sh** that I done did, if I could I do it all again
That sh** made me who I'm am
That sh** got me all these mils
All these days I was starvin', back touchin' my stomach
Daydreamin', wonderin', how I'mma get me some money
Slipped ten toes in that trap, finessed n***as out sacks
I did sh** that I ain't proud of, still I wouldn't take it back
Nowadays I take my thoughts, then I'm down like a wrestler
Work hard like a slave but live better than the master
And what we do it wrong, why it feel so right?
Thank God everyday, I don't know how I'm still alive
My life, my life, I earned my stripes
My life, my life, I grew up trife
Been gettin' money since a young n***a
Streets labeled me the Dun dealer

My life, my life, my life
My life, my life, my life
My life, my life, my life
My life, my life, my life
My life, my life, my life

[Verse 2: Playa]
King slime, triple cross king
Trunk full of Yao Ming
Crocodile long (?), alligator on my feet
I stretch the work out, like an athlete
My shooter air it out, watch a track meet
I turn ya'll n***as to meat
I used to rap the things in the inner-tube
Now I kick this rich n***a sh** on pro tools
My life I done sold them bricks
My life I done hit them licks
My life is so high risk
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And I'm prayin' for Bloody Jay
Because that n***a wild with that AK
And ask Thug, and ask Slug
My shooter got a shooter n***a
Rock put me on this rap sh**
So he took me out that trap sh**


[Verse 3: Young Thug]
Me and my ho were arguin'
Money was lookin' funny
She was like you trippin' baby
You know I wouldn't do nothin' brazy
So I sat down and thought about how long ago I caught them caps
Now my homie done think I'm trippin' cause my money surrounded by traps, oh
I got mice bitin' through my sh**
And ya my diamonds are so white
It looks like lights off in my sh**
And I be high as a son of a b**h
So ya my flight just might be risk
And she vibin' to this sh**
She know I'll eat her alive
And my weed strong
You can fart by me
And when you smell it
Let Young Thugger tell it
Couple bands on my feet
Walk through the throw and (?) like Yao Ming
I'm a motherf**in' army man cause all I want is green
My life I been in them traps
My life I (?) that scrap
My life I done took n***as life
My life you wouldn't get by
I'm with my big homie Jay and my big homie Rock
Instead of them big homie stocks
And we pull big homie guap


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