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Platinum PAT - The Fame lyrics

[Hook: Lauryn Hill]
Guys you know you better watch out
Some girls, some girls are only about
That thing, that thing, that thing

[Verse 1: gQ Marley]

Chase a n***a cause she heard I'm getting major
Damn why they wanna stick me for my paper
I swear you weren't around when my bank account was empty
Now its Ryan and Macy fighting over a Bentley
Went from being stuck up now she so friendly
Now I'm prince charming you just want a happy ending
No I'm Prince Charmin I'm just here for the a**
Like a hyphen I'm a dash cause I'm focused on the cash
Love me in the summer Hate me in the winter
So stop pretending you just here for the incentives
I ain't sayin' she a gold digger
But she ain't f**ing with a broke n***a
We hit the bar time for more liquor
Than wrap it up cause I'm so gifted
Marley minus money means no b**hes
In 2 Chainz now I'm so different


[Verse 2: gQ Marley]

Off to the Dough mayne I'm focused on cash
Now these hoes popping up like internet ads
We used to click when she stuck to the plan
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Sent me the wrong message I treat it like spam
Damn I'm just saying we no strings attached
Not tricking do I pull rabbits out of hats
Don't answer that cause you know role
Fast food to seafood she want papa's Dough
Money the green light and it makes it her go
So I left her a** hanging no suicide note
Life jacket on and she cried me a river
Now I'm popping bottles abusing my liver
Nine shots of liquor til I'm on my limit
I'm sorry but moneys' my only commitment
No happy endings so f** fairy tales
You can't spell female without F-M-L (f** my life get it?)


[Bridge: gQ Marley]

Thank God he let a n***a see tomorrow
f** the bullsh** I drown it in a bottle
Get Money f** b**hes that's the only motto
Rack or a sack I'm a blow it on a model
You hear my name that's a profit
They hear your name change topic
I got the crown n***a you a clown
We sleeping on ya a** cause you not it
Don't know sh** bout Basquiat
Close to a nine like baccarat
You the type who likes to gamble with his life
Cause you broke as f** and talk alot
Was broke on a budget now I hang with Warren Buffet (fades out)

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