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Platinum PAT - Champion lyrics

[Verse 1: Astro]
I got a story to tell, some real sh**
This ain't about tie-dyed shirts and heelflips
The hood's gotta feel, I'm from where they fill clips
Then aim it at any cat that reveal chips
I'm in a safe zone cause I'm going with the flow though
Started when we was rocking Asolo's with Polo's
Now 'Stro so known I can't walk dolo
Middle schools foes is fiending to take photos
They see the T's always got the fresh logo
Grade A-psyology, stop we? Oh no
Yo we really finna make a milly in the next year
Champ young, just trying to bang yams in they hamptons
Get the fame stable, no major label
If y'all don't break bread then eff it, we finagle
Grind by any means, momma made a soldier
A mic and a beat, we make heat in the polar
We champions…

[Hook: Spade]
I gotta win
I don't wanna lose, I'm just trying to get it in
And do what I gotta do
Move how I gotta move
Cause I gotta prove that I'm a champion
That I'm a champion…
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[Verse 2: Astro]
I'm fully validated so the hating don't affect me
Do this sh** freshly, moves you couldn't espy
Got a little name so the dames say I'm s**y
And best detest me, say she wanna get messy
I'm blessed G, I was just a youngin in the streets
Flow so sharp I couldn't be touched by a priest
And now I'm the young G.O.D
Ain't a n***a in my POV, till we see Gs, we OD
It's all about paper routes, spot the clowns, take 'em out
[…], Timberlands, show 'em what the state about
Give 'em sh** to hate about, daddy look I made it out
Made it out, put it in effect, now I got rep
Guess we be stylin', 24 wilin'
n***a we from the state of five boroughs, fifty islands
Before I could walk I was grinding, G-sh**
Spitting this light work, yeah 'Stro keep the heats lit


It's that NY champ, BK Chapo
East Coast the motto like El Dorado
Keep golden hollow-tips, tend to follow
Those who do not know how the block roll

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