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Platinum Gee - D.O.G.G Pt.1 lyrics

[Verse 1:Platinum Gee]
You stole my heart like a crook
Now I'm hooked on you like a drug
I swear i'll never get shooked or over booked to show you love
That's how i feel that's really how i feel
I swear this sh**! homocidal for you love i could k**
Good, i still have your heart and you have mine like surgery
You're my baby, baby f** a nursery
Off the hook everytime when girl you pleasure me
Your beauty undefinable, i checked the dictionary
Vivid, gotta pile of bodies in a cemetary you k**-it
Got kicked off a beauty peagant for cheatin', admit it
Lips soft as cotton i wanna kiss'em everyday and night
Dreadful, fualty lockin' my mind ain't thinkin' right
Waist slender and tender, go head try'na figured that
Your frame better & better wait a minute and picture that
You say im frontin its workin 'coz im makin' you blush
I feel lik'a kid again 'coz this ish, like my first crush
Jo' ndithe i feel like a kid again

[Audio extract from Love And Basketball]
Boy: Wanna be my girl?
Girl: What do i have to do?
Boy: I guess we can play ball, and ride to school together and when you get mad at me, i got to give you flowers
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Girl: But i dont like flower
Boy: Oh
Girl: How about twinkies? My mom won't ever buy me

[Verse 2:Platinum Gee]
This like d**h from a rubber knife, she's k**in me softly
Its been a while ndingasam'boni and thats pissin' me off
Nendawo zobambelela nangon' uhot to handle
I dont think nzaw'yekelela uzawbona, im ready to settle
This ones keeper, buh i scored, how ironic...
Thats why i never plan livin', a-biotic
When we argue and dont speak, i dont like that
So I call you, say i love you, you call right back
'Coz its like you know inside and out
Nzok'faka msesane on that left hand be limme, no doubt
One day, is one day
Getcho Uncle to Marry us is that okay?
Cam beauty, Gran says you should model
Skul, stoopid go ahead 'coz you're gawdly
This thing indenzel'intloni, nd'gqitywa si'smile sakho
Sometimes when im alone, ndiviswa iismell sakho

[Audio extract from Love And Basketball]
Boy: Out of all these girl, you're the only one i know whos for real
Girl: I love you too

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