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Plajia - One Song Jukebox (Free Candy) lyrics

Whatever happens to the guy
Who treats the girl like shit and lie
He used to take them all home then
Cheap thrills for whom their lives are so unfulfilled
Dramatic touch
Care for much, care for more

Reach now into your pocket son
I heard about the magic jingle
That broke the spell and made us live
One day in hell
Inside and out a lot to make
Nothing to take
In this new realm
No need to watch people's behaviours
Only the resources

Now we have to change our
Now we have to change our
System or perish

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Traders, bankers and lawyers you are useless
I’d rather play with this silly jukebox
Than playing with you guys

Don’t be sad because this album is completed
In reality, it is not
This journey was indeed supernatural
In the past, throughout nearly all of human history
The main threat to our survival was nature
Today it is culture
We gotta start working on our own contradiction
And make the road for the next generation
In the end, we hope our hero got laid
The choice was informal
Between vanity, unconsciousness and fear
If the storm finally comes
Just remember the songs and lovers that gave you hope
Convincing you to take off your immense headphones off your ears
The illusion off your eyes
And now feel the orchestration of a new way of life
Create, share and don’t hit replay

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