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PittThaKiD - S-Emcee lyrics

[Archer: Verse 1]
Well it's the fake n***a antonym
Duke Devil champion
Back and he the man again
SWAG Team acronym
Whole squad managing
Rolling with the savages
Archer transforming
New slave turned activist
I'm in the sky walking like I'm Annekin
10 Deep hoodie stay fitted like a mannequin
SWAG Team cooking
Making money pan handling
Son Of Sam dropping now these weak n***as panicking
n***as know I been a threat since a snotty nose
Running sh**, cardio
Fakes fear the audios
Usually off the dome
But when I write I like to body flows
This sh** is realer than the ending of Pinoccio
Poltergeist, slowly overcoming heights
Mobbing with my A's
I'm finally feeling like the older guy
Hand 'em any track he'll probably send it to the after life
Been gone for a minute now my new sh** is over hyped
Ghost writer, see me pull up in a phantom
Chain glisten, cross banging
In a blue/red flannel
King Archer with the Arrow
I'm a motherf**ing pharoah
Loading clips full of verses
Ain't no ending to this ammo
Long Dragon in the camo
n***a burning like a camel
Stay high like SAMO
Waxing n***as with the candle
f** wit us you'll get dismantled
Flow rare like enchantments
(Archer runs out of breath)

[Archer: Hook]
A trendsetter n***a get like me
I went to West
But n***as calling me the S-Emcee
A trendsetter better get like me
I went to West
But n***as calling me the SMC
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[Archer: Verse 2]
Archer sound like the devil when he mumble
The weed so loud it wake the devil from his slumber
It makes me take these beats and leave 'em 6 feet under
It's all good though, I know the creators
Ain't nothing greater
Shoot a J, then I get faded
Off the gla** for game
Like look n***a we made it
I'm underrated, underpaid
And undebatedly, the f**ing greatest
I'm amazing, walking humbly
These n***as hating I'm creating a monopoly
I'm from the city with the ocean and a gentle breeze
Where n***as grinding all the time
I'm tryna spread my vision
To overseas, I'm balling on 'em tryna skip divisions
Or through these verses
Used for endless rounds of ammunition
Still got the apron
Cooking n***as up inside the kitchen
Still ripping writtens
Sinning, hope the lord forgive him
Arch a chemist, mixing n***as
Just for fun ain't no incentive
Hurt ya feelings, make you feel it
Savage n***as pulling triggers
Man I ball so hard this sh** is feeling like a scrimmage
I'm a poet like I'm Khemit
Steady smoking headband
Black hoodie, grey vans
Shaded with the Raybans
n***as steady hate fam
They better change the game plan
I'll hit 'em with a left
My Arm stretching like it's Space Jam
Bless verses, amen
Poltergeist amazing
Ghost punch writtens
Jabbing n***as like I'm Rayman
I'll k** you with these words
Like a n***a playing hangman
Or come up off the waste
And turn this place into a wasteland


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