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PittThaKiD - Rocks For Diamonds lyrics

[Intro: Lexicon]
See you can be hungry for something other than food
You can be hungry for power, for love, for fame, for change
Hungry just to be hungry
Rags to riches bro

[Verse 1: Lexicon]
Ever since I was a little kid, my inner soul was hungry
I used to rap alone, cheap microphone cause lack of money
Made beats off pots and pans, rapped to dope beats on youtube
Too good be to true, was hot but man I had to ask 'em for the lease
I stole it anyway and I copied the link, I bodied with swank
I dropped a hot 16 on the track, posted it- now I'll be the crank
I blasted in the car, acid bumping out them speakers man
I was zoning out in neverland, call me peter pan
Kundalini down my chakras to my keter, hands
Legs, arms, feet and I still need a fan
6 years old writing raps about the politics
Chopper spits thugging out to 2Pac wishing I was west coast
The rest goes rapping bout Glocks and leaving your neck froze
Paralyzed from my verses, my pair of eyes won't work, miss
Take 'em back cause I'm sick of looking at these cats whose worthless
I was a young thugga, never even seen the streets before
I completely sworn I was ready to get out and greet the core
Of new york city, suburban life, the words I write
Cut deeper than the birds at night thats why I keep my circle tight
Lil lex to 1exi to Lexicon, you guys have a special bond
Evolved to a bigger and better, could of sworn it was the renaissance

[Hook: Lexicon]
Rocks for diamonds
Hungry at its finest
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Yes your highness

[Verse 2: Lexicon]
Dreams of higher things and giving out to charities
Except I need the money what am I giving out for
I'm giving in sentiments you couldn't even doubt or
Frown upon, I want the same hype like how they found saddam
I want the town bizarre like they found a thousand bombs
Eleven years old trying to find her inner energy
Gravity was grabbing me from always being centerpiece
Like catholic priest, I was changing up what was meant to be
Never followed my true dreams all I did was let my senses bleed
Until one day I finally realized why my last name is Neal
Cause I'm walking prodigy with prophecies that won't demolish me
All you out there are living gods, getting robbed consciously
Obligations I'll be waiting for a job opportunity
Until I realize they don't accept me as a human being
My brain, fluids leaking on the page
Morning rain won't stop me walking straight
Norman Bates, they call me psycho cause I flow with my eyes closed
Hip hop is in my blood its apart of me, its in my arteries
Its in my heart in my soul until my conscience eats
Forgotten souls left at the bottom to rotten whole
My momma told me don't give up on your common goals
Who knew that shy girl named Lexi would have the hottest flows
My palms ain't sweaty, my knees ain't weak but you know I got pasta flow
Hasta lo ultimo de la tierra y'all should know

[Hook: Lexicon]
Rocks for diamonds
Hungry at its finest
Yes your highness

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