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PittThaKiD - Reading Road lyrics

[Part One]

[Verse 1]
They say leave the bank, I take the safe with me
I'm a f**ing virus, it ain't safe to get me
Rolling bobby, still hitting Whitney
All my n***as still getting with me
I'm gone
Stop and drop and roll
Make a n***a pay a toll if he entering my zone
I'm home
ET my n***a
I'll feed my n***as or we all starve
I'm the biggest dog, i do more than bark
Feeling brave, come meet the sharks
They'll eat ya heart like a AllSpark
You alright, but we all dark
No West Coast, see the Xzibit
You want a taste, come and get with it
She give me brain like I'm dimwitted
But really am I dimwitted
Hieroglyphics in my brain, think I'm going insane
Ain't the same when I rain on these hoes
Got a bottle of rose
Well let me make a toast, other n***as ain't close
Let me boast on the track
Swear they ain't coming back
Man I hate this flow, but I do it so well
As you can tell, I'm a f**ing beast
No really I'm a f**ing beast

[Part Two]

[Verse 2]
I'm the man forever
They wanna take me outta style and I'm like man whatever
I know in time these haters gonna have to stand the weather
But I'm just me, I say it true like it has been a pleasure
You had a, feeling of feeling inferior
Cause ain't nobody feeling ya
Till ya girlfriend started defending ya
Man it's, f**ing crazy how they treating me now
They eating me out
Like I'm a b**h
Think I'm finna quit
I, wish they understood the way that I feel
Ain't kenen and kel
Ain't all that
Wait a minute, let me fall back
Back into the comfort zone
Been awhile since I been gone
Feeling safe when I'm at home
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I like it when my mind is blown
Puff the vape cause I hate dealing with ashes
They say do you still rap, and I'm like why are you asking
This sh** is a pa**ion
As real as you laughing
Man when will this happen
I'm flashing back through memories to see if it's worth saving these

[Verse 3]
Hip hop has started going criss cross
When you got a Rick Ross always yelling out boss
But I ain't hating though
I'm somewhere waiting though
If they don't give me a chance, I swear that imma take it hoe
Gotta fall back again
I'm getting too tense
Reading Road, made Paris Morton for that Lexi chick
Then made a sequel so you know I had to mention it
And if I get to fame, a n***a know I hope I get it quick
Getting rich was never part of the dream
I just wanted big stages like the artist I'd seen
Don't know he sparked up a teen
To turn to music so one day he'd be the one on the screen
So far it seems, I gotta be a white girl to pop on the scene
It makes me f**ing scream inside
I mean, what more do I need
I need a big black box
Just to gather my thoughts
So I can trap those mother f**ers and just plot out my takeover
Need a makeover
My bars could even shake HOVA
I told ya that
Change the H to J cause everybody knows a Joe that raps
But those guys are average
I'm feeling savage
I'm picking up a new habit
Think I'm becoming an addict
Just a product of my past
But cannot see the future so whenever time has pa**ed
I'll be real enlightened to meet ya
Speaking to my present self
Feeling like a Roosevelt
Place my soul on an empty shelf

Got a feeling this is third eye sh**
In my mind I sh**
You not
I'm telling you
There's always been a problem
But I been there to solve em
The hieroglyphics in my third eye sh**

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