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PittThaKiD - Oceans lyrics

Yo I done said it once
These feelings like riddles
They keep on coming up
Ready for eruption
Not nothing is steady stomping popping nonsense
Out colossus cosmic sauces. Stir it up in a pot
That's a serum

On a sand pile
Surrounded by 7 oceans
Sipping on a potion
The substance is subtle
Psilocybin psychedelic mellow
Just let go
Yeah, all natural, unvaccinated
A master that will make it
Causing havoc with my statements
Pinpoint all the fakers, they hate us
It's ok add a dash of flavor for my inspiration
Imagination stay creating now
It gone save um
Shift there minds to see the light
I be grinding day and night
Put insight inside my rhymes
Get excited in these times
Knowing it's the golden age
I just toke and blaze
Rip resumes as I find my place
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I ain't no slave
Because every day can be a holiday on this odyssey
Oddly I decide to follow dreams

She can tell the moment not to move
And she can make you float right through
I hear it in her mood
I hear it in her

I keep my head up in the heights
Spiral focus on the lights
They tell me speak into the mic
Yo Imma speak into the mic
They float around me in the night
Three times a day, four times a day
I be the beacon on the right
My mind escape me on brighter days
Don't ever say that they alike
Cause they mind is different, yours in position
Either they evil or they nice
I beg to differ, I see the difference
My movements are to like
I kiss the future, Im getting used to her
Wishes and her slights
And my future bright


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