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PittThaKiD - No Love lyrics

[Verse 1: Awni]
Nobody knows how I feel
But just know that I am the real deal
Appealing real through my dopest sk**s
Try to break me I'm invincible
No drama intended For real
Pops just know that your son is For real
Yeah, sh** is for real
But they don't notice the pain
They don't notice the truth
They just notice the lies
They don't notice what we do
Forget em' anyways
Began to worry a bit
But then I realized it's cool
I'm the only one my soul feels safe of telling it to
Yeah we livin' astray, yeah
Yeah we livin' astray
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

[Verse 2: Awni]
Feelin too split up from the ones I once respected
Been focused on my life tryna leave a good impression
Forget the questions
I don't give no effort , I'd rather leave a suggestion
Acting tough but on the low you know I've been congested
People come to me say Awni man you're different
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Cuz since high school ended my dude it's like you have been missing
I've been distant inconsistent, that's why I never kick it
Been focused on my dreams and they're not too far in vision
And the woman that I would try
Is happy with a good guy
But I calling no one, she will notice when I get by
All this sh** will come by
I'll get by gently
And the things that I think about to much
They'll be gone before they hit me
And I'm tryna have my ends meet
Tired of all the fun it is time that it is done
And my ex is on my mind but this new girl messing with me
She got a boy but then there's me
I'll take her then I'll proceed
But no I got respect
Do your thing and I'll mess with me

[Outro: AWNI]
We live life just for the thrill
Tryna focus on what's really real
Do your work and you will prevail
Until then continue to raise hell
You know what you do deserve
Make a wish and I will serve
You can sit back and just observe
And I'll be here workin like a nerd

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