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PittThaKiD - Last Days lyrics


I'm living life, living like these my last days
Smoke so much need like ten ashtrays
Your future is a product of your past ways
We going to the same place, taking different pathways
If these were my last words, my last phrase
How long after till the last time this track plays
Living life, living like these my last days
Living life, living like these my last days


You never know homie might die today
Could be a car crash or you could get hit by a stray
That's why I get high tryna fly away
You know they say time is money and grinding pay
You get what I'm tryna say?
Word is bond
So before I'm gone I gotta record this
I wonder how long will my voice love on
I'm tryna live righteous and avoid the wrong
If I knew today was my last day
Id Probly put a ounce in the ashtray
Get one last cypher in wit my bros
My lyrics hieroglyphs can u decipher the codes?
Met this girl who said she ride stick
I yelled come here ho (camaro)
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Even for the pharaoh
Life ain't fair so
I be rollin dice gettin nice in the stairwell
Lately all I see is d**h but I hear well


[Verse: Schama Noel]

What if you died tomorrow?
What if the devil took your life & borrowed--it
And never gave it back
Im immortal, I be spraying ghats, I can't die
Keep saying that
You damn lie
It's not even a race but they waving flags
Just waiting for a day 'til they relax
Blood stains on your favorite cap
The road to redemption's bout to decay and crack
Our intention's blacker
Everything is backwards
You make ya enemies bleed like periods then get sentenced after
Or maybe you'll get put in a comma, when they take em out
Don't listen to Schama
You disregard & demolish the sound of logic, your consciousness is oblivious
You & ignorance are synonyms
Grown men with the mentality of little kids
I just hope the seraphims will sing a hymn for them

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