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PittThaKiD - Bars lyrics

Uh yeah
This probably the the last song I write in my old notebook
Yeah I still use pens and pa and sh** all that sh**
But lets get into this joint though

[Verse 1]
Rest in peace to my flow though cause I k** this sh**
Your careers a sinking boat with no float though
I purely spit with metaphors I thought of in cla** they're brilliant
Should've taken notes instead of scheming on a**
Giving me sa** cause you showed up to the showdown
To throw down but got shown up sho nuff I showed out
You're shut down, now shut up when you open your mouth
When you on the pitchers mound ain't no need to look down
I know everything I spit is going to hit home
I know everything I spit is going to hit home
Throwing spitballs at you Little League rappers
Still disgracing families impregnating white daughters cause I'm using no wrappers
Rushing backers and evading all tackles
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Take out the Big Kahuna you'll need more than a tackle box
With a ride or die b**h then go strap her
And strap yourself too while I turn you both into Casper

This sh** here is nothing, nothing but bars (7x)
k**ing beats I should be behind bars

[Verse 2]
Damn this sh** jump like I'm a hacky sacker
Hijack beats to take out you sweet baby rappers
Candy cane Cabbage Patchers, disk scratcher
I don't stutter these words hit not an utter
Said with this Ali flow b**hes know that I float I don't flutter (2x)
So just fly with me (6x)
Just ride with me (6x)
Just fly, now lets fly
Just ride, now lets ride


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