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Pink (p!nk) - 18 Wheeler lyrics

Hey hey man, what's your problem
I see you try hurt me bad
Don't know what your up against
Maybe you should reconsider
Come up with another plan
Cuz you know I'm not that kinda girl
That'll lay there 'n let you come first

You can push me out the window
I'll just get back up
You can run over me wit your 18 wheeler truck
And I won't give a f***!
You can hang me like slave
I'll go underground
You can run over me wit your 18 wheeler but
You can't keep me down

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Hey hey girl, are you ready for today
You got you shield and sword
Cuz it's time to play the games
You are beautiful even though you're not for sure
Don't let him pull you by the skirt
You're gonna get your feelins hurt

Chorus x 2

Everywhere that I go
There's someone waitin' to chain me
Everything that I say
There's someone tryin' to short change me
I am only this way
Because of what you have made me
And I'm not gonna break

Chorus X 3 (fade)

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