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Pink Guy - Dumplings lyrics

Yo... PinkOmega
Yo PinkOmega

One bad chef In a kitchen full of dough
Three bad b**hes with their hands on the stove
Making home movies with a hand full of stoges
I'm cooking all the dumplings
I'm cooking all the dumplings

Motherf**ers want to act funny
Trying to be a man when your nose is all runny
Go to Pre-K, put your bag in your cubby
Motherf**ing gimmick like your man Jeff Dunnie
But who am I to talk. Making preteens laugh for the money
Act dumb, slicker than honey, whoops!
Rapping in the kitchen but got no silver spoon
Got to feed on the b**hes, b**hes
Bad to the bone, prone to the home grown
Girls moan when I come home, dick like an ozone
Want to step in the ring?
Just skin and a sack of sh**ty meat like dumplings
Boy I don't wear Gucci
Still cla**y but rotten like blue cheese
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We're about to make a movie
With a hand held Sony, puffing on a loosie
"Cooking the dumplings all day"
Is the only thing I say when I mind my business
Get the f** out of my kitchen!
I'm cooking up a storm boy. None of that beef sh**
They say I'm the man in your nightmares
Your girl in the bed screaming "right there!"
I'm high on the weed and the xany
I find it uncanny there's so much poonani
They found me the lab doing stem cell research
I was trying to grow you some balls
The police came but I explained about your b**hing
Now they want to pitch in and support the cause
Hate my ways? That's a personal issue
Because you're thinking about me, put down the tissues. (Ew!)
Why you still yapping to me?
Didn't mommy tell you not to converse with a stranger?
Are you crying in the stall with a belt and a razor?
Are you really that mad or just a bad imitator?
Oh, because I never heard of your dumb a**. (Nope!)
Go f** yourself in the mouth with a taser. (whoop!)

Because I'm cooking all the dumplings (x4)


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