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Pink Guy - Big Mama lyrics

[Verse 1: Pink Guy]
Big mama, selling narcota
How much do it cost bitch? None, zip, nada
Run from policia, ain't no drama
Fresh new Adidas for the newborn stamina
Flow so pretty I would turn around and fuck it
Asian girl screams, that's the Bangkok Ruckus
Not a crack-pipe, but I crack pipe vocally
Pipe kids down with the black cane locally
Got a thick layer of bullshit that covers me
Spying on your girl from a tree like Discovery Channel
Bust through your girl's vag canal
Fuck her in the ass, less humps than a camel
Yo, riddle this fictitious little kiddo
That rinses dishes
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Blow kisses to bad girls they flinch itches
Mad sketchy like Craigslist, ain't shit
Ya'll finish short, like a midget at the races
When I'm on the beat, I'm something like a cipher
Podium possess kid, keep it old school, like a type writer
Night-rides a horse, so I'm a knight rider
Something like a king bombing on these Al-Quaders
No, I'm just walking a thin line
Between a piece of shit and a battle of ill minds
I got dumb people that be testing my rhymes
But I can bend around the process and steadily incline
So when they ask, "Who am I?"
Make a death slow, and they feel the pain
And when I'm not on my pill, my brain deteriorates and I go insane

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