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[Pre-Chorus 1]
I hate Blacks, I hate Spics
I hate Jews, I hate Chinks
I hate Arabs, I hate Mongoloids
And I hate Lesbians

[Chorus 1]
Donald Trump, Donald Trump
Donald Trump, I'm voting for Donald Trump
Donald Trump, Donald Trump
Donald Trump, I'm voting for, voting for Donald Trump

[Verse 1]
You're looking kinda s**y, Donny (skrrr)
You make me kinda hard, Donny (skrrr, skrrr)
Donald is the best, I wanna s** his dick
I love his red face and I love his juicy tits
Wanna cuddle up on the couch with you, Donald Trump
Maybe watch a couple movies (or some Hulu)
I wanna text you every day and night, Mr. Donald Trump
Maybe send a couple nudies (hey, whatchu doing?)

I wanna lick you down head to toe
But I promise I won't touch the hole (unless you want me)
I saw you for the first time on the TV
I thought maybe me and you could get kinda freaky

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[Verse 2]
Hit that g-spot, stick your pinkie up my a**hole
And if you're lucky maybe you can try it too (skrrr)
If one finger ain't enough we can go for two
Maybe use a gerbil or a gopher too
Donny, drill my a** with a strap-on
Make me cum without using my hands on

[Pre-Chorus 2]
I love you Donny, you make me cry
Cum in my mouth, cum in my eyes
Cum in my a**, cum on the tip
Cum on my back, cum on my tits

[Chorus 2]
Donald Trump, Donald Trump
Donald Trump, I love you Donny
Donald Trump, Donald Trump
Donald Trump

[Verse 3]
Let me see that a**, Donny (bla bla bla)
I just wanna feel your pulse
With my pinkie in your a**hole
You can be my pinkie ring from the dollar store

Donald, I know you want me. I know we're perfect for each other. I know you're alone and you need somebody who understands you and I understand you, Donny
You also need someone who knows how to hit that g-spot. That wife ain't doing sh**

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