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Pink Guy - Hood Rich lyrics

[Intro: Pink Guy]
Y'all know what it is
You know what the f** it is

[Verse 1: Pink Guy]
I just f**ed a b**h with another b**h
Put a knife to her throat and I took her sh**, ya ya
Motherf**ers wanna get lit with the pink
But I tell her gotta let me put the finger in the stink yeah
I'm all about the zinc and the copper
I only do feds, no coppers
Labels trying to hit me with the "Go go"
I'mma have to say "No no"
I'mma have to hit them with the low blow, ya ya
Money on the phone but I'm broke
I only take bars and the ganj, no dope
I just love p**y, not the girl that it's attached to
sh** smell like tuna and the cat food
I don't even want to see her face just give me dome
Oh my lord, I'mma have to run like Google Chrome
Why you always got to say that mean sh**?
'Cause I'm a pink cunt, it don't mean sh**

[Interlude: Getter]
Man, Pink guy's a little b**h, mane
Just kidding

[Verse 2: Getter]
(Ay, ay, ay ay)
It's motherf**ing Getter b**h
I'm the f**ing human green screen
With the fat peeny peen
Never wrapped my willy but I let her
Chase my dick down
Have her eat it with some pepper
I said f** school and I dipped quick
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'Cause they f**ed my sh**
Caught me s**ing dicks in the bathroom with a b**h
But detention was lit, oh sh**
Remember Miss Baker with the fat a** tits?
And the fat a** lips, with the banging a** hips
Make her grab you by the dick
Rip her clit in two
Make her wonder why she didn't pa** you
By putting your piece in the poop shoot
Dude, just kidding
I'm just an EDM dude on cam with the Pink man and Colletti
Shoot a dude, confetti
Only skinny Betties
Now I'm looking for the [?] in an Audi now I'm dead G

[Verse 3: Nick Colletti]
Viner of the month
Always smoking blunts
Always on Twitter
If she bad she know I'm f**ing with her
I'm from the 'Burg, I'm in Cali though
Got kush cold cunt in my bungalow
Don't dress myself, had your b**h do it
Don't stress too much, ain't a thing to it
Yo I'm 22 and I'm hood rich
Date a church girl, she a good b**h
She a psych major, that's good head
When she bring her friend I f** her friend instead
I'm in Malibu eating rich cunt
f** bongs, bro, we smoke big blunts
And that's all day and we cashing out

You don't know sh** about Pink Guy
You don't know sh** about Getter
You don't know sh** about Nick Colletti
Get off Vine
Get off Twitter
Get off YouTube
You stupid b**h
You stupid f**ing b**h

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