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Pigeon DO - The Promise (May 31st) lyrics

It's the 31st day of May (x3)
Y'all better remember this day

[Verse 1]
See I have a dream for my 30k team
A grand a month each just so we can live free
And not have to worry about the incoming bills
I know this dream of mine can become real

I'll add on 2k so I can be on that 3
I'm working today on every opportunity
That pa**es, I'm building up my a**ets
Through hard work, consistency and pa**ion

Imagine a life full of riches and flashin
All because of finally talking action
And putting in the work
As a professional artist, musician, and entrepreneur

So I call out to my dreams, and I add on the belief
That this all can come true and become reality
My faith is mad strong, as I visualize
A plan and a path to manifest my prize

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Y'all better remember today, the 31st of May
It's about to go down (x3)

[Verse 2]
Right now is when the work begins
I throw to the ground all my earthy sins
Got no more time or space for a life that's fake
So I throw away all of my pride and hate
And I start to a relay a mentality of patience
Start to build a whole new nation
People living by the rule of cooperation
Willing to help, willing to serve
Living the life, living to learn
Ready to work ready to earn
Giving love, getting it back in return
This is my promise, to my sisters and my bros
I will lead by example and through actions I will show
That a dream can be reached with enough time and focus
Once it is defined and you get rid of all that is bogus
It'll be magic, oh hocus pocus
The treasures will appear and you're no longer hopeless
Just remember your daily purpose
Is get rid of what is worthless
And practice your craft until it's picture perfect

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