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Pierrick Noel - Little Things lyrics

With thorns, with fears, and my complaints
I've reached to the point I can't take no more
All by myself with this deafening silence
I feel like I'm no more in control
Control of this eagerness

Hatred of what I probably am
I want something more

Take me out
From my own lies, from my own hide
And take me farther than my own mind
Just liberate, need to create
And to build something that drives me down
I want something more to care, and to lust about

Under your wooden crown
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Blue waves unfurl and scald my mind
A fact that you can see
My burnt eyes meet your blue salt

Grow between the lines, between the crowds
And go prevent my broken mind
From squandering, from sickening
And writing something about us now

The age of selfishness has come
Which you're not prepared for
This is a fact that you can see
But you keep rolling your eyes out

I want something more
I want the one who loves what comes around

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