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Piemations - 5 AM at Freddy's: The Sequel lyrics

Security Guard: Hmm, Well shit.

Springtrap: Security Guard. Where are you?

Security guard: You ain't touching my buns... Uh.. Hun!
Oh god damnit!

Springtrap: When i'm done with you... Your face will look like a mashed potato.

Security guard: Yeah, Whatever.

Springtrap: Ok. I'm gonna go find that child. But them i'm gonna KILL you!

Security guard: Okay bye, Happy travels. Ok let's see her- AHH

Springtrap: There was no child in there!

Security guard: Double check!

Springtrap: I know your messing with me! Where's that child? WHERE ARE YOU HIDING IT!?

Security guard: Dude I don't know! Just.. Um... Freddy's behind you.

Springtrap: Freddy?

Phantom Freddy: Hello.

Springtrap: Hello Freddy -_-

Security guard: Hi, Freddy!

Phantom Freddy: Hi, Security Guard

Springtrap: Freddy, Don't talk to this guy. He's an asshole.

Phantom Freddy: :O Profanity

Springtrap: Freddy... He's hiding a child from me and he won't show me where. Do you know what that means?
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Phantom Freddy: Hmm

Springtrap: It means we can't throw a birthday party freddy!

Phantom Freddy: NO!

Springtrap: Yes! We need to find him freddy. He wasn't birthday cake!

Phantom Freddy: I'll do my best.. Mam.

Springtrap: STOP READING FAN FICS... THEY'RE CONFUSING YOU! I'm starting to think there is no child.

Security guard: You just gotta look harder!

Springtrap: That's it fucker i'm coming in there.
But first i'm gonna do one final check to make sure that, that child doesn't excist.

Security guard: Pfft. This job is a total joke. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?

Phantom Foxy: Hello.

Security guard: AHHHHH

Springtrap: :O This is my chance to spring on him. HAVE AT ME! Ow my fucking knees!

Security guard: Get crowbared BITCH! Thanks for the crowbar Foxy.

Springtrap: Foxy... What the fuck!

Phantom Foxy: I don't know... I'm bored.

Security guard: Hey springtrap!

Springtrap: What!?

(6AM Bells)

Springtrap: Oh go fuck yourself.

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