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Piebald is an emocore band from Andover, MA, that came together as high schoolers in the mid-'90s and became a staple of the Boston indie scene throughout that decade. The group, which consists of Travis Shettel (guitar, vocals), Aaron Stuart (guitar), Andrew Bonner (ba**), and Luke Garro (drums), presents a lighthearted spin on typical emo values, offering such song titles as "Fat and Skinny Asses." In 2001, Piebald released Barely Legal/All Ages, a double CD on Boston indie label Big Wheel Recreation. The release served as a retrospective, collecting shaky recordings from their high-school days in 1994 all the way up to tracks from their full-length debut, 1997's When Life Hands You Lemons (Hydra Head Records). Also appearing on the set are all of the band's 7" EP releases, some demos, live cuts (including a blistering cover of the Beatles' "I Saw Her Standing There"), and out-of-print tracks. ~ Erik Hage, All Music Guide

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