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Pia Mia - Fuck With You (Remix) lyrics

Feat : G-Eazy

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
I got a blunt that I brought to match
She got a man I got a plot to snatch
And I can tell that you are feeling me
You and I are going to happen that's just inevitability
Shwoop fast with hella agility
Your man can't get you back after that's a-never-ability
Turn down? I vote no I go where they won't go
The feeling is mutual you and I both know
Saw you in passin', it caused a reaction
I never handcuff thats just loss of attraction
But wait, so imagine we become tight
Make it real instead of one night
Take you down show you how it feels when it's done right
Hope you don't find this all crazy I know some might
Well, I just want to fuck with you
Yea, so let me know what it do
She's number one no number two
After this I'm coming through

[Chorus] x4
I know you want to too
I just wanna fuck with you

[Verse 2]
Hey baby you know I ride
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We all out, they all inside
Turned up on them loaded
Act up, make the front page news
Duck tape on a forty
Feeling good, baby what it do?

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

I got a candy-painted coupe
(Candy painted Scrape)
We made it baby ooh
Came through with my pretty ladies too
To teach you a thing or two
I fuck with you
And I'm faded, ooh
When I hit you up, you gon' call me back
Cause it's mutual


I know you want to too
I know you want to too
I know you want to too
I know you want to too

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