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Phony Ppl - Why iii Love The Moon. lyrics

[Intro: Elbee]

Real Love's So Hard To Find
Just When You Think You've Found It
The Illusions In Your Eyes...
[Verse 1: Elbee Thrie]

Thats Why iii Love The Moon
Every Night Its There For You
Its Constant
Unlike These Human Beings
Who Lie About What It Seems To BE
You Think The Earth Is Where Yu Stand
Your In The palm Of Someones Hand
And Thats Why iii Love The Moon
Cuz' Its Always There For Me
Every night About My Window
And That's Why iii Love the Moon
Cuz It's Always There For Me
Every Single NiGht I Look Outside
It's Right There For Me
And My Mind
And Thats Why i Love The Moon, Yeah
Because People Can Consume My Love
In The WronG way
So i Send It Up NiGht NiGht NiGht

[Chorus 1:]

Real Love's So Hard To Find
Just When You Think You've Found It
[Lyrics from: https:/]
The Illusions In Your Eyes It Blinds Us All
So Be Careful Where You Look For Love
Just Be Careful Where You Look For Love... x2

[Verse 2: Sheriff Pj]

Yo , Yo , Yo
Thats Why I Let The Moon Shine
(cause' Through The Time I've Been Confused On How To Move Im)
Stuck In Between What Wasn't and What Could Be The Truth haaa
(Still Up TryinG to Escape the Demons in My Room Yo)
You See Its No Change DroppinG we Learn To maintain Profit
And How Could anybody Else feel Pain when They Brainwash us
And Watch us Every time we make ExchanGes (we Slaves)
Locked in A Box we Use Our Mind Just To Escape all the same sh**
Im Tired Of The Pain
Love Is Blind To The Flame
Thats Why I Look Up Never Hide Behind Sky's When It Rain
Promises Cooked Up Exercising through Denying the pain
Thats Why I Look For Find Whatever Lies In The Rain
Cuz' sh** Change
I Dont Blame My Father For Lampin' I Believe That Helped
Went From Trying To Grow As Your Son To Trying to Grow as Myself
So Understand it when Im Stranded, takinG chances, Know I Need That Fall
Flat On my Back You Just Relax and Kick your Seat Back, Uhh
Cuz' When You Think...
Thats When You Let Time Run And Escape What Your Mind's Loving Thats What You Think
So What You Think?
If Love Was Easy to Find We Wouldn't Need It To Complete Our Lives, SO...


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