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Philly - #Truthis lyrics


Yeah, I go by the name Philly
And I got Mr. Mitch with Me
Women Lie, men Lie
Well, we're here to tell you the TRUTH

[Hook: Philly]

[Verse1: Philly]
The truth is
I'm on top as the Roof is
Go home, my home is where the booth is
Keep it all original
Anytime I do this
Devour the beat but I don't bite like I'm toothless
Don't get me wrong
I'm nobody to mess with
k**ed so many rappers
Ain't no doubt who the best Is
Realm of my own
I'm always on the next sh**
When you're finally in the building
I'll be making it out the exit
Underground but now I'm on the Apex
Effing every beat, No latex
In my teens, we've doing this from way back
Flow of the century and this is just my first track
Spitting flames till there's heat in the area
So hot i broke the thermometer
Broke all rules and every Parameter
I'm in charge, you better check the Ammeter
So sick, they put me on quarantine
Contagious, they memorize my every line
Jigga is King
Better believe I'm the next in line
Cos I'm always right like the Nike Sign
Uh, Hold it down like no other
Grip the mic with the hand and End careers with the other
Ay, Hold it down like no other
Been doing this for years, Go ahead and ask your mother
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[Verse2: GuyMitch]
The Truth is
I'm on top of the pyramid
I'm way too fly
For y'all to see, you'll need Binoculars
Came from the Bottom
Where the crazy ants are
Ask who the best is, I'm sure I've got your answer
Flow, I flow sicker than the Cancer
I don't mean the Tropics
But then all my lines have
Too many critics
That got too many riddles
Not too many CLUES
So i guess there's no MONSTER
Ain't my fault, I preach the word- Pastor
And I got the word for the Streets
If you're After
But After the Show
There will be nothing left, Rather
Black spots on the floor
No pink, No panther
Nothing Came easy
That's what My Poppa said
When You're making dough
I'll be making Bread
When You're taking Steps, I'll take the bus instead
Till i can see the finish line
Finish First!!


[Outro: GuyMitch]
Nothing Came easy
That's what My Poppa said
When You're making dough
I'll be making Bread

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