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Philly - The Underdog lyrics

Expect someone to say that I'm a fraud
Expect the rest to expect me to say I'm better than all of ya'll
Wouldn't say that, it would start misconceptions to interventions
To interviews and inner views of your perspective
And intellectual digestion
It seems to me a crowd is built especially
For rappers who sign contracts from contracters, and after they become rappers
They start slackin, and start acting
They ain't really hungry for the game, so they even start fasting
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I'm asking, give me an honest answer
Wouldn't affect me, effect me, or stress so it really can't hurt
They be like "Pull up and we swerve." But i just pull up and record
I should become a sellout, and then sell sales so they can really see what's in store
Your asking, I'll give that honest answer
Writing too much, my hands hurt
I'm too fresh, I can't stand dirt
People usually ask me why are these the words that I've chosen?
Because my creative mind is on time for the set n***a

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