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Philly - The sands of time lyrics

(chorus)- Lois
All they see is a smile
But they don't really know what's inside of me
See I've been here for a while
And I've been hurting silently
Cos the past it haunts me
It taunts me
Like the future doesn't want me
If i could go to the past! and turn my life around!

Just one wish, that's all i ask for
And if it's granted, my life could mean much more
I'm sick and tired of pretending to be hard core
Cos all the painful memories keep creeping through the back door
And they haunt me
At such a young age abused by a girl old enough to be my aunty
This is crazy, it's so unheard of
If she was here i swear I'd freaking blow her head off
But this was bottom of the hierarchy
Later addiction to p**nography
And they thought my life was perfect
Cos they couldn't really see the dirt deep inside of me
I doubt i was past eight years old
But i pa**ed to be a forty eight year old
And my past never gets old
If only i could turn the hour gla**


The years grew and i got older
But it was far from over
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Cos they hurt also grew and made my life colder
And though i tried my best to get bolder
The pain drove me nuts like a range rover
I felt dirty and real low
Like the only sinner in this world, i didn't know
Who to talk to so i tried to make it solo
But the more i tried solo, the more i fell so low
So i tried to talk to daddy but he felt that it was funny so he just laughed
Cos he felt i was too young to even understand certain things i said
And it hit me so hard
So i was smiling on the outside, dirty on the inside
Walking on the wild side
And my pillow got real wet in the night time
Invent a time machine and i would be the first to buy one

(v3) - Philip
Yeah, I get it
You've made mistakes in your past life
Like when you walked away and then you pa**ed Christ
I know it bites you ain't walked right
Plus what's left in the past is never really made right.. right?
Nah, I used to think the same thing
But the king came, washed out all our sins man
He took away our shame, see He promised when he hang that
All our evil days and ways would be erased man!
"but I'm so full of stains, still do my crime
I've been used, abused, I guess I'm doing time
Daily bruised, people hating every time I cry and
I'm sick of living, I'm debating if I'm even trying!"
You ain't lying, we be sinning in the worst ways
But Jesus paid our price and then He gave our lives change
The Son's risen, we'll be living in our best days
But He'll only lift you when you're kneeling with your hands raised!
I promise if you let he will turn your life around!

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