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Philly - Soul Position lyrics

(Interlude) Bronze
Sit back and observe
Time shift over words
My words echoed off her body
Eyes driving her curves
Nervously tossed the herb
Though sh**, she probably still smell it
Keyshia Cole melons, turn a right man rebellious

I can flip the flow
Make it fast or slow
And meet Soul Position
Before I let it go
When our bodies touch
An adrenaline rush
Comes over me, coming over you
(swwwwwww) smoke blows from my cigarette
Take one pull, for you pull me back, act
Like you don't want it, but you're feeling the kid
Loud screams, in between, power u, and the kind sh**
Climactic, eclectic, a s** expert, exert more thrust for us
Gotta trust in us
When enough's enough
It's what it is, what is was, and what it will be from now on
Point pen precise, just a little bit a slice of life
Soul to Soul
When I grab a hold and I don't ever wanna let you go
Let you

C'mon pile up in my Escalade
Let's ride, let's have s** today
DAMN you a s**y babe
Sitting next to me, I'll write you a check today
Ain't paying me no attention
Body's calling but she ain't listening
Off in the distance, so delicious
Mami you've met all my wish-list
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Thick red bone description, can't say NO to women
Bare no position even though it's tension
What's your Soul Position?
She like all that stuff is irrelevant
I just don't f**, I'm celibate
Never say never, I'll change your life
I'm better off making it right

(Chorus) Rayz

Hey girl I'm trying to get ya mind, body, and soul
Hey girl I'm trying to get ya mind, body, and soul
Hey girl I'm trying to get witcha..witcha..witcha

[Son One]
Yo, wa**up Iron Maiden, fly Asian, beautiful sensation
Your body's blazing, praising God's best creation
Mother of my nations, you're carrying my seeds
You're fly, Wonder Women, sweet, Justice of my Leagues
Smuggle weed for a n***a, down a** sister
The p**y is k**er, let me whisper in ya ear
Pain cookies getting crushed by a young building
G's spot a**a**in got these shorties catching feelings

[Kevlaar 7]
Peace! Excuse me Queen, how you feel
I'm the original, ya
Chemistry is real, conceal ya hour-gla** frame
Under the mock-neck, it's natural, respect the King
Are you complete or lonely? Then I'm the one you need
If I'm outta line, yo speak ya mind and proceed
Indeed tho', baby your style been on my mind all week
You scene is calling, can I tune into your frequency?
Your golden complexion, smooth as Bob James keys

(Chorus) Rayz

(Interlude) Bronze

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