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Philly - Picture Perfect Music lyrics

Your brain is real potent
Don't believe me? Think of having 6 rings, your defining moments
If you never reach the top of the ladder, progress grows slower
If you put all of your effort into it, progress moves closer
All I believe in is hope tho
If I'm talkin bout transparency, I'll do it real slow mo
My mind is NGO
Say hello to my amigo, I'm flying through the skies, I ain't high
But first seat though, you could say I'm ridin heathrow
Do you need more info? Guess so, look for Rap Genius
You could say I'm gay, and plus I'm nowhere near homogeneous
Your eyes are baffled cause man, you never ever seen this
I'm so out of the ordinary, if someone intervenes
I'ma get real mean, committ an act to a scene
Like "Ridin through the streets, sipping on that lean"
Man that's not what I'm about, all these rappers preposterous
These rappers also scared, cause my bars be on that monsterous
Condement, you won't catch up (ketchup) through the process of your consequence
You can't even admit honestly, on some honest sh**
I'm definite, the definition of a desperate but intelligent
House hold resident, I'm blessed to live in providence
I hate the crib, I love to be outside
Hoping I could catch a cab ride and clear my mind
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This picture perfect music, don't make me feel deprived
Hoping I could be remembered through this one timeline
I only got one life, I need to live it up and live it right
Only time you could make rights is if you live it twice
And I've been tryna make it right, I know I messed up
Its like putting your trust in one love, why would we even stress love?
If I put myself to God I'll be inerrant
Listen to the word, through the truth my life is arrant
Believe in your opinion, that quote gets more apparent
Apparently I'm excurrent
I'm real alerting, a**ertive with my emotions
I'll let it out, won't ever hold it
You could even see on the cover Picture Perfect is bolded
This is my only chance I won't ever blow it
They say you can't buy the truth but I've already sold it
Slow it down for a minute did you get it
That really wasn't expected, but its dope when I emit it
The way that I just spit it, a disease when it goes around
Have you thinkin "Damn, the way the homie throws it down"
Cla** is in session, don't feel so alarmed
I got the mic anyways, with the right to bear arms
If its Aston Martin, Paris Morton, Loft? It ain't workin
My rhymes are all in line, you could say its Picture Perfect

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