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Philly - Part Time Lover lyrics

Part-Time Lover
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I have a heart. The kind of heart that feels so apart. Apart from where we start cause at depart, nowhere to go onward or backward. Can't retrace our steps from the last word. Past words made us feel worthy of each other, like there was really no other, others, lovers know really, each other. But I couldn't express my inner feelings. Might seem too revealing, what I mean, being I dream within a dream seeing seen things of unseen dreams that seems seen. It's all out of context. Relationships are really gum, it'll let your mind stretch. Rewind back to my past tense, I lack sense of a lover. Who doesn't know the meaning of each other till we really love each other. It could be your family tree, downward from mother to your sister to your brother, now you have to figure out if you know your own each other. That's the true definition of a part-time lover.

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