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Philly - In My Life I Will (Draft One) lyrics

In my life I will work hard with a sense of urgency
And make up for my exhibitions, pa** them real urgently
Certainly, working for the best and till the d**h of me
Till my senior year, I put in that work with a college accepting me
Sensually, feeling every girl that will be next to me
Hot, thick, puerto rican, and you know she's feeling me '
Texting me, rather s**t with me or rather s**ing me?
Come to my crib and does her thing excessively
Back to the topic, actually forgot it
All the women I be chillin with are so exotic
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If you got a word, say it, go head, add some criticism
I want someone in this room to top my lyricism
Criticism? f**, I'll take whatever you got
Im spittin that hot, and its hot, that pot will k**, now you feelin like Pac
6 shots, or 5, whatever man i got the lyrics in my hand
Damn, I wonder if I got the chance to find out who I am
Damn, cole world baby don't it sound stunning?
Been f**ed the world, but she just now cumming
If I ever fall i will hit the ground running
Ain't a player, I just crush alot i do it big punning

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