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Philly Swain - Jump Around (Freestyle) lyrics

...It's all on the line

f** the whole world that's the philly state of mind
This for my youngins that be thuggin' on the grind
I be frontin' n***as ? cause I don't f** with nicks and dimes
Bricks on consign, flipped every time
Ya bum a** on welfare sittin in the line
I be buyin' and flippin' while you be winin' and b**hin'
So I be dinin' in kitchens, with the finest of women
Its like old head to toe so fly when I spit it
f** a mad scrap you'll be lyin' and kickin'
Shoes off, you soft, im gettin blew off
She said she on the pill ? give you blue balls
Like the number 2 pool ball
You frauds need to stop actin like you cool dawg
Too hard man I can't level it out
Where lucifer? I show him what the devil about
I'll show him 'bout the struggle, show him 'bout the ghetto
Get at him cause of what he did to adam from the get go
Lets go ? g be the ?
Sex hoes I be runnin' trains like metro
Septa bring the east back cause im next to
Stretch ya, tech molest ya, wet ya
Thats some deep sh**, when they peep this
They gon' scream that cult illuminati freak sh** (HA)
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n***a save it with the geek sh** weak sh**
I be on my malibu ? sh**
Dont ? on the ? this
Drastic cla**ic you gon' wanna keep this
Women you could teach this
Food for the soul ain't no way to over eat this
ASAP, Swain Snap, need to release this
Labels overlooked him man its obvious that he's this
These smiths homie get out my presence
This is the essence another wisdom hip hop lesson
Bag it up, pack it in, I came to win
Paully you be stallin' I be all up in the gym
Homie vacant party yea your wifey is my friend
Its likely that I might be poppy chulo of the twins
And she be a 10
When I rap she go stupid like Phoebe from Friends
Dumb like joey, f** you blow me
How you gonna judge me and your a** dont even know me
? dont talk about it if you ain't gon' show me
Homie ya b**h got a mouth like YOSHI
Slurpin, swallowin', burpin', think that she flirtin'
But she puttin work in for certain


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