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Philly Swain - Hit Man 4 Hire lyrics

[?] n***a
Bang Bang Rizzla Gang

[Verse 1:] [Philly Swain]
Straight out the gutter
Where they bangs for the butter
Sling my guns in the air
Slam on you
Word to mother
Think you sweet motherf**er
Try to creep
We put you to sleep like under covers
Hey Fredro
The gas light petrol
Throwing down bullets
Like you young [?]
Talking to the echo
Go harder from the get go
Start to get retarded
Cause the [?] ain't special
Bad b**h mami
Throw it back like retro
Hittin up on lunch break
f**in up her schedule
These same folks will be
Dullin up the metal
Usain Bolt when I'm runnin from the bezzle
Throwing in ghosts
Still runnin with the metal
They used to go
Where you from
Man I'm from the ghetto
And I run at a higher level

Hey yo Swain
Job well done my n***a
Hold that right there
That's you
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Yo i'm go throw in a couple links man
There's more n***as we gotta k** out here

[Verse 2:] [Fredro Starr]
Yeah, yeah
I'm the fire man
Uh, Ferrari diagrams
Make it hard to breathe
Two shots to your diaphram
[?] money on the floor
25 grand
Straight out the frying pan
You land in the fire
Uh Philly Swain
Hit man 4 hire
Sink more n***as in quicksand
If you even bait me
I put the four [?] in your bank man
I'm in the 458 with the millicopter
Your boy keep it tighter than the Philly blocker
For the dough motherf**ers get red up
Catch a cold (cough cough)
Cough the bread up
I'm dead up
I got the Feds running my plates
Without a warrant
The Feds can't run in my place
I know the f**boys comin for the safe
Cause they heard it got a chief
Got a hundred fo the 8
Gun in my waist
No safety on
Bullets tap dance on your back
Safety on
Case n***as try to play me wrong
It's a suicide
It's a suicide
Suicide from the south
Suicide to the 215
Hit Man 4 Hire [x4]

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