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Philly Swain - Dumb n***a lyrics

Verse 1 - Safaree

Listen here, I don't like paedophiles
You the type to move overseas to wed a child
You should get a line, like a single file
[?] unfortunate a** n***as couldn't buy a vow
[?] Bobby Brown so you singing now
Cement shoes in the ocean n***as bring you down
Prevent clues in my motions when I bring my rounds
Pay the dudes for you dude so I don't hear a sound
I get it crackin' like off [?] my arm brightest
Gas got me coughin' like bronchitis and all nighters
In the studio, chasing a fix
Same way that a dope fiend is chasing a hit
No, and I will never let bygones be bygones
I know snake a** n***as I know pythons
Why these b**hes on my back like a chiropractor
My life's a movie, but I am not a hired actor
Is you dumb n***a?
Where the f** you from n***a?
Is you dumb n***a?
Where the f** you from n***a?

Verse 2 - Philly Swain

I be off the [?]
[Lyrics from: https:/***a.html]
n***a want a song, I ain't tryna hear apologies
Nina throw back like gold things and wallabies
Hundred in the drum crucify your whole calbery
I be in the kitchen with the stove on
Work getting bagged by b**hes with no clothes on
You ain't a [?] so get your roll on
That mean get your stroll on, end up with your soul gone
b**h I'm ruthless like a bold thuggy easy shirt
Basic math b**h you easy work
When it come to beef b**h I'm Mexican cause I need the work
After you I'ma need desert
Getting the [?] you Disney a** n***as is goofy
You in the way like a T-Pain hat in the movies
When you [?] battle rap, I will [?] with an oosie
Go 'head act [?] I turn a n***a brain to a smoothie
What you dumb n***a?
Dressed like a bum n***a
I'll f** your b**h til she cum n***a
My dick be going dumb n***a
Yo I get it, you a dumb n***a
You be claiming you from the slums n***a
Yeah you never had to live that
Why you acting like you came up on crumbs n***a
You a dumb n***a
Your b**h put my balls in her mouth and [?] n***a
She fresh off the rum n***a
Straight, Stuntgang n***a

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