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Phil Kaye - Suburbia lyrics

I love this place, the community, the people, and the sense of stability
and this place is amazing, this place is amazing, this place is a maze, is a maze, is a maze.

Scientific fact, law of conservation, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred from one state to another. 1945, Albert Einstein, scientist, creates the atomic bomb, a hundred thousand houses implode and American suburbia explodes.

Read the paper, we're choking, cities' smoking, there is her body, wrinkled, cracking, loose, out there on the fringe there is plenty, space so empty you can stretch your arms out inside her, thick, overgrown, that's how you know she is virgin.
1970, by this time the number of people living in suburbia had exploded 300 percent,
this is the 20th century, we knew we'd reach the pacific eventually, this is only new manifest destiny, locusts, hocus, pocus, poof smoke makes you choke, but at least it is air.
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City *slaps face twice* city wakes up mid surgery, the suitcase of her chest ripped open, her highway innards are scattered around the room, there are a thousand kidneys in the corner, they all look like mine, what are their names, nurse, nurse, bring me more anesthesia, I was never truly sleeping just for that moment American dreaming, the nurse with a rag to my face, breathe, breathe, everyone is happy.
Our little American sequel, seagulls, regal, fecal, illegal, separate, equal, popular real estate text book stress the importance of social homogeneity,

The thing about weeds, Mr. Kennedy, is their penchant for multiplying, you let just one move into your community and sooner or later, you'll have one growing in your very own back yard, well then there goes the neighborhood, there goes, the neighborhood,

go, go farther, farther, city on a sill, oops had a little spill, looks like an accident, wouldn't quite call it k**, I'm choking, cities smoking, give me throat drops or is it Winthrops, city on a pill, father, farther, are little mazes, mouse-traps, cul-de-sacs, this house is amazing, this house is amazing, this house is amazing, this house is amazing, this house is amazing, farther, Father, raise me, graze me, open flame me, we are not all the same, are we, are we?

Run, eat, water, food fence, run eat, fence, run, fence, run, eat, water, food, fence, breathe, breathe, everyone is happy you are only making this more difficult for yourself.

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