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Phil Elverum - EMPTINESS lyrics

[Verse 1]
“More emptiness,” I said, “And more, and more.”
When someone asked me what was in my bag
I said, “More emptiness”
Where the house is not is where the room is
The rest of the volcano is sky

[Verse 2]
“More emptiness,” again, “And more, and more.”
“But what about the lives that we have lived
And all the buildings and poems we made?”
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I see you
We are two black holes in a vast night
A van in neutral rolling down a hill unoccupied

[Verse 3]
“More emptiness,” again, “And more, and more.”
I stood next to the river and threw a large sheet
Of gla** as far as I could in
The way the water was cut in two
The sword in sky was mind only
Forming this one thought: emptiness

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