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P'heno - Studio B lyrics

(Gotti I always hear you talking about this Studio B sh**
What the f** is all that sh**), well let me tell ya you know I'm saying
You know when they say two is company, three is a crowd
Well look here, in Studio B three is never a crowd
Let my cuz, tell you a lil' more about it

[Hook: Mo B. Dick]
It's going on behind closed doors, in Studio B
(take it off, so we can break it off)
Everybody's coming out of them clothes, in Studio B
(take it off, so we can break it off)

Peep out the scenery, me and my n***a Pheno
Smoking greenery, thugged off in actual scenery
When you see these soldiers, tag teaming
Money fiending b**hes scheming, the hook a breeder but she dreaming
My money's mad, a triple beam
In my mini 14's, Studio B n***a we pulling mad ki's
Plenty b**hes like choose me, New Orleans to Sicily
You wanna please, then b**h
Hit your motherf**ing knees, and Snoop
Won't you pa** me the weed, it got me feeling weak it's nothing yeah
That dick s**ing, got me feinding to f**
Cause she a fire dick s**er, bad motherf**er
Hoping the rubber don't bust, if it do then I'm stuck
Them strange dames, be leaving a n***a f**ed
Mo B. Dick run that sh** for me, one more time


Studio B's pulling with ease, smoking on trees
No Limit be the n***as, put these b**hes on knees
It's tank love baby, after bed hit the flo'
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But if you ain't about three, hit the motherf**ing do'
Pretending not to be a hoe, b**h let yourself go
Because you know where you was going, when you hit the Lexus do'
With some G's who bout flipping, and flocking you hoes
So hit your f**ing knees, don't be afraid to expose
Cause Studio B's, one of my favorite hot B's
Get some'ing to f** and lay back, smoking on trees
Flying overseas, my n***a Snoop from the Pound
Put me in the game, with a sweet chocolate brown
Ass beating by the Pound, to the sound of my ride
Gotti opened up the do', told the b**h get inside

Let's ride ha-ha, where we rolling
Take it off take it off, say nothing


[Snoop Dogg]
One lil' two lil' three, little hoes
Snoop Dogg at the Studio, with the Gambinos
Soing our thang, No Limit style
Make it worth your while, girl go on sit down
Let me holla at ya, for a minute
I'm in it to win it, see my tank I represent No Limit
They call me Snoop Dogg, and I'm a hoe catcher
Snoop Dogg is on the mic, and I'm the hoe snatcher
If you say the wrong thang, bang-bang it's going down
Represent Snoop Dogg, Dogg Pound for life
Don't quit don't stop, you see
Break a b**h off slowly but surely, in Studio B

[Hook - 2x]

Gambino style, Gambino style
Gambino style, you trick biatch

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